Ladybird larvae and adult ladybirds should be introduced as soon as the first aphid colonies appear and before heavy infestations.

Conditions of application of larvae

The quantity of larvae to be introduced depends on the importance of the attack and the development of the crop. It is necessary to check every day and repeat the introduction if necessary.

In general, it is necessary to introduce:
– 5 to 40 larvae per shrub
– 100 to 500 larvae per tree
– 20 to 50 larvae/m² for cultivated areas

Conditions for releasing adults

Adult releases are recommended indoors or in a confined environment such as a greenhouse or veranda. It is recommended to release 10 individuals per plant.

Adults can also be used to control aphids in trees or large shrubs, isolated or in clumps and dense hedges, but always in combination with ladybird larvae. Generally 1 to 2 adults are needed for every 10 introduced larvae.

The main crops concerned

Ornamental shrubs (rose bushes, …) – Trees – Fruit trees (low-stem apple trees) – Hedges – Nurseries – Strawberry trees – Currant bushes – Raspberry trees – Vegetables under cover (bell pepper, eggplant, cucumber).